When it comes to solar systems, there are no standard systems or ‘kits’. Each system has to be correctly sized to suit the individual requirements of a customer.Installing a solar system is not just a matter of putting up a few panels and adding a few batteries.

There are many other factors (and complex calculations) involved such as wiring, connections, enviromental conditions,position of the system, physical location of the site, etc. Be aware of these factors (as well as the quality and efficieny of the solar equipment offered) when asking any solar company for a quotation.

Make sure the company you are dealing with is an established company with a good reputation and can provide the correct advice and service backup. If you are not sure, get a second quotation/opinion.

Greenday can provide this service as we have professional system designers who have over 10 years experience in power electronics and solar systems.

In order to price a solar system we need to know the following:

The peak KW (power consumption) and the total KW/hr you expect to use per day.

  • Explanation peak KW : this means the total KW you are using when all your major appliances are switched on at the same time. You should add about 25% to cater for inrush current e.g. when the fridge switches on, washing machine, pool motor, lawnmower, etc.
  • Explanation of KW/hr : this means the KW you are using per hour per day e.g. a small house uses maybe 15 – 20 KW/hrs per day, a medium sized house 30 – 50KW/hrs and a large house 50 – 150KW/hrs.

To establish your power consumption you can check your electricity bill over the last twelve months, adding all KW/h together and dividing it by 12. This will give you an average figure over the last 12 months and incorporates the difference between winter and summer ,which you can also use to help calculate your average power consumption.

Most appliances have their watt, VA, KVA or Amps displayed on a label or in the manual.

As a rough guideline solar installations can cost:

0 - 1 KW

+- R80.00 – R100.00 / watt

1 - 10 KW

+- R60.00 – R80.00 / watt (Grid-Tie)

10 - 100 KW

+- R50.00 – R60.00 / watt (Grid-Tie)

100KW - 1MW

+- R40.00 – R50.00 / watt (Grid-Tie)